Being Effective

Recruiting and what makes a good recruiter. A subject close to my heart; it’s one I’ve thought about a lot. There’s been much written on the subject, everything from sales strategies, playing the numbers game and the inevitable “why I love recruiting” blogs, essays and contests. In my mind, what’s  more important to my clients and candidates alike is ‘what makes an effective recruiter’? In a business measured by placements, billings & job orders, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer points of what truly makes a good recruiter great. One of the first things I remember my icon and mentor, Richie Harris telling me, was that ‘This is a people business and people are unpredictable.” This was over twenty-five … Read More »

Pay to Play

As our economy heats back up (albeit slowly), the competition for talent naturally follows suit. Employees at all levels are starting to consider their options. Realizing they potentially and finally have some choices, they’re reviewing their status. After years of working in a lean work environment, making do with less and working longer hours, some sectors are expanding their payrolls and workers are recognizing that maybe the devil they know isn’t necessarily better (or safer) than the one they don’t. Along with the re-emergence of talent competition, comes the sometimes murky arena of compensation. In many sectors base pay has been stagnant and often rolled backward. Bonuses were reduced or suspended and equity became even more regulated and harder to realize than a lottery ticket. … Read More »

Don’t Hang Up – I’m looking for YOU

    Okay – I know, as soon as you hear another recruiter on your voicemail, you’re hitting the delete button before the message plays through. But wait, that call might not be a sales pitch to you, but for you. After all, the economy is shifting; there’s a steady stream of opportunities out there and it my just might make sense to start listening to how the coming wave may affect you. Not looking you say, happy in your current role? Well aren’t you the least bit curious about who is hiring, what they’re offering or if you’re a good fit? And why not? When opportunity knocks, it’s always a good idea to listen, especially if it’s with a recruiter you trust or … Read More »

The Race for Talent – start your engines!

To some, it seems to have slipped in during the middle of the night. Others haven’t detected it at all. But for those of us in the trenches, we hear the clarion call of the changing of the guard loud and clear. The drive for talent is back and if you haven’t tuned in or are ignoring it’s call, you do so at your own peril. Yes, I know that unemployment numbers are still high, but the signs of a shifting market are evident. Temp agencies are experiencing higher volume, some disciplines that were previously flattened or had cratered over the last 3 years are experiencing  a comeback. Companies are seeing candidates get multiple offers and counter offers have returned … Read More »

The Dating Game

For years I have equated the recruiting and interview/hiring process to dating and marriage. My analogies usually result in a chuckle on the other end of the line, but not surprisingly the comparisons resonate. Let’s face it, recruiting is like finding the best match on a dating site. Screening, sizing up, introductions, coffee/lunch, chemistry and the crucial moment during the conversation where you say, I want to go the next step with this one! First interviews with a prospective employer are akin to first dates. Preparation, looking your best (which suit? new hair cut? practicing the smile in front of the mirror maybe?), meeting the individual you might spend the next few years or a lifetime with, etc. All the while … Read More »

Is it you or where you are?

I hear it frequently. “I’m contemplating a career change”. “I’m burned out”. Not surprising for so many professionals in mid management and at the Director levels. Doing more with less, feeling stuck in their companies and in their roles – of course they’re tired of what they’re doing and wish like hell they could be doing something else. As a change agent who practices what she preaches, I often counsel, that it’s not what you’re doing, but where you’re doing it. Yes, I know that some roles have a certain amount of redundancy built in (accounting first and foremost comes to mind). But before you take the plunge of quitting, going back to school &/or starting over, think about a few of … Read More »

It’s the Lifestyle, stupid!

This is San Diego – where the sun shines, the beach beckons and those of us who live here choose to pay sunshine dollars for the privilege. As a former (and still proud) New Yorker, I gladly admit to embracing the lifestyle that is uniquely ours. But there is a misnomer about our work ethic that I hear often, particularly from my fellow NYers and Bay area transplants. Some of those industrious folks don’t think we work quite hard enough here. Maybe it’s because we surf for breakfast, cycle for lunch and meet for Happy Hour after 5. Or that the CEO is in khakis instead of a blue suit and the scientist in the next cube is in shorts. … Read More »

Additional musings on Start Up hiring do’s and don’ts

I just shared a post on Linked In focused on how to avoid hiring the wrong employee for your start up. It made some very valid points, my favorite being that in a start up, every hire counts. It got me to thinking about all of the hiring I’ve done for start up companies over the years and some of the things I’ve learned and all of the things each client is looking for. Some companies have learned it the hard way, through trial and error. Some from past experiences with former companies, a few have good instincts, but most entrepreneurs need help. They’re so busy being the visionary, fund raiser and often handyman/woman that they miss some of the more salient issues when hiring … Read More »

A few Recruiter pet peeves and some helpful advice

As a well-heeled Executive Search professional with over 25 years of experience, I can’t quite say I’ve seen it all, but almost. We’ve all been through the ringer this economic time around – candidates, companies and recruiters. Still lots of folks out there looking and emailing resumes and inquiries. Even though I’m a specialty boutique shop, my Inbox is crowded daily from unsolicited inquiries. And it’s you, you tired interview warrior that I’d like to address this blog to. Recruiters, like lawyers (sorry guys) have somewhat controversial reputations. You love us or you hate us, but we are here to stay. I can blog another day on what in my mind makes the exception from the rule, but I’ll have to … Read More »

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