The Chase

It’s the toughest part of any marketing/sales professional’s job. Tracking down and engaging your target client. In a world full of information overload, you cast out the lure hoping for a nibble that turns into a bite. Interesting how even with email, text messaging, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, et al., communication between individuals is even more cat and mouse than ever. We are all bombarded with promises, solicitations, inquiries and demands. No wonder more and more folks decide to turn off and tune out. The key element for success has always been establishing relationships and building trust. Very hard to do by even the most compelling email messages. People ultimately do business with people they relate to, like and trust … Read More »


America has changed. Not in transition, no longer wavering, but clearly and decisively. A nation who once prided herself on individual exceptionalism has adapted the mantel of mediocrity and found it acceptable. We are becoming a nation where success, education, personal responsibility and individual achievement are viewed with contempt and envy. We have become a nation who mirrors the petty meanness of the last man standing Reality TV shows we have become so addicted to. There was once a time, still in recent memory perhaps, where most Americans aspired to be ‘rich’, believed in the American dream to do so, admired their parents’ generation, who had invested in them the same work ethic of personal success they had toiled for … Read More »

Death of a Salesman – not.

As the job market continues to heat up, there’s lots of buzz in social media on how to access, recruit and secure ‘passive’ talent. Couldn’t help but notice the same old claims of the death of the recruiting profession and how social media would funnel interested candidates into a company’s arms through effective branding, internal recruiting, great ads, etc. so they no longer would have to pay those pesky external recruiting fees. It seems I’ve heard claims of the death of my profession before. The rise of in the last century specifically comes to mind. BTW, I find it ironic that it’s primarily staffing agencies that advertise on sites like Monster these days. And of course now it’s Linked … Read More »

The Big Three

I had a great conversation with my mentor, Richie Harris, the other day. I blame Richie entirely for my success and tenacity as an Executive Recruiter these past 25 years. Now retired, Richie was a Recruiting Maverick in his time. Often profane, always unique, he was a star player on the sales and marketing search front. He still speaks at industry functions occasionally and his principles still apply. During our wide ranging chat, he asked me if I remembered the three ‘must haves’ of assessing, building and maintaining any relationship. Markedly, he applies these same beliefs towards his business and personal relationships. He reiterated these three guidelines once again – I am always a student when it comes to improving … Read More »

Delivering Results

Lately, I’ve spoken with quite a few folks ready to move on from jobs they’ve stayed in because of the recession, or maybe, by necessity have been forced into seeking a new opportunity. In some cases, market conditions drive their careers into a new direction and sometimes they are coming back from a long hiatus due to child rearing or other personal circumstances. The common theme for all and at every level, is how to go about finding the next great opportunity. Timing and luck play a small part, sure. But in a competitive marketplace, trying to compete for opportunities others may seem more qualified for is very frustrating and demotivating. It’s important to understand a recruiter’s role in all … Read More »

The tipping point for talent

So you still think it’s an employer’s market? Unemployment numbers notwithstanding, how long is it taking you Mr. Employer to fill that Controller role? I heard it again today, an employer who thinks the job market is ‘crap’, there are loads of ‘qualified’ people on the market and they will be ‘dying’ to take their job. Now it’s not my place to argue with paying clients (hence my blog), but seriously, are you kidding me? If that really is the case, then why are you ready to pay me a fee and full fee at that? Why is it after over three months, you still can’t find that ‘perfect’ hire yourself who would kill to come on board for your great opportunity? … Read More »

Harper’s Rules

I met Danny Cahill three years ago. He was in Palm Desert running a two day boot camp for seasoned recruiters. Danny was a much appreciated shock to the system in the midst of a burgeoning recession with no end in sight. For those of you not familiar with Danny Cahill, he is the leading coaching guru in the staffing world as well as the CEO for Hobson and Associates Executive Search. Danny was all shock and awe with a whole lot of substance behind his methods. We had some mutual colleagues in the recruiting world and got acquainted over a coffee break. Can’t say I was not in a little in awe of his technique and delivery. Needless to … Read More »

Counter Offer Candidate

They’re back! Counter offers have made a recovery along with the demand for talent.  Always a possibility, they are now a probability when a quality/qualified employees gets a new job offer. I’m not going to re-hash all the reasons not to take a counter offer. We’ve all heard/read them a thousand times throughout our careers. I’ve certainly counseled on the dangers, etc. with practically every candidate (and client) I’ve ever represented. Here I’d like to focus on why and who accepts counter offers. Quite frankly, I can usually predict who’s vulnerable to them and exactly what they’re going to do through the resignation process when the time comes. Of course it’s more likely that a candidate who is generally happy … Read More »


Change. Some of us seek it out, embrace it and require it as fuel for motivation. Others dread it like a daily dose of cod liver oil. As a change agent, much of my time at closing is guiding the candidate through the final phases of making the decision as to whether they’ll take an opportunity, or not. Though money and career advancement can be prime motivators, in many cases, no matter how rich the incentive is, a candidate falters during the offer process. Why do some people make tougher decisions easier than others? In my experience, there are a couple of critical factors driving how some individuals make/come to their decisions. Much of it has to do with years of … Read More »

The View from Without

  I  recently heard a client’s in-house recruiter make a comment that gave me pause for thought. Luckily, I’m a mature, seasoned recruiter, because in my earlier years, I may have paused only long enough to grab a weapon. Not to say I didn’t consider a smart-ass retort, but sometimes a little clarification goes a lot further. And it’s not as if I hadn’t heard similar comments before. The premise for the comment came from an assignment in which I had presented no more than three candidates, all qualified and in very short order. While I was working with the CFO on an exclusive basis, the company’s recruiter was working very hard to find his own pool of candidates to present. All … Read More »

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