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The Case for Search

Don’t underestimate the importance of exclusivity and confidentiality to candidates. In a tight knit market/sector, it is imperative a prospective hire feels safe within the interviewing process. Read More »


Belated New Year’s greetings faithful and new readers! The last few quarters saw incredible growth in the sectors I support, culminating in another great year. I had the pleasure of a little year end travel to prepare me for the onslaught of the coming months ahead. I anticipate another fast paced period of growth and opportunity. I’m rested and ready to roll! Going forward, it would be nice to see more resolve regarding ethical behavior this year. I’d also like to see more courtesy, thoughtfulness and regards to people’s roles in other people’s lives. As a recruiter, we are often on the receiving end of bad behavior. Part of it is the industry’s fault, i.e. being perceived as money grubbing … Read More »

It Takes a Woman

I had the honor last evening of attending the San Diego Athena, Pinnacle Awards. I was invited by my friend and colleague, Jennifer Crittenden, former CFO and author of now two career focused books, The Discreet Guide for Executive Women and her latest, You, not I: Exceptional Presence. Can’t wait to read my new signed copy! Jennifer is a Pinnacle award nominee and deservedly so. Athena San Diego is a non-profit organization focused on mentoring and advancing women in technology through education and mentoring opportunities. The first thing that struck me this evening as I walked into the networking portion of the event was the color. No drab, gray suit wearing, thinning haired, bespectacled network event, this. On the contrary, … Read More »