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Lately I’ve been running into a lot of roles that have been under retainers with search firms whose recognizable names draw surprise when you hear a C level role remains open and unfilled for six months or more. Now why is this, you wonder. How can any firm that charges premium fees and staggering retainers, with deep resources and national connections not fulfill a straightforward C level role in a small to mid cap market in Southern California? Maybe because bigger isn’t always better. And a big name isn’t always a winner. Ultimately a recruiter, any recruiter from large firm or small, retained or contingency has to respect the fiduciary responsibility to the client. When a top tier firm appears … Read More »

The tipping point for talent

So you still think it’s an employer’s market? Unemployment numbers notwithstanding, how long is it taking you Mr. Employer to fill that Controller role? I heard it again today, an employer who thinks the job market is ‘crap’, there are loads of ‘qualified’ people on the market and they will be ‘dying’ to take their job. Now it’s not my place to argue with paying clients (hence my blog), but seriously, are you kidding me? If that really is the case, then why are you ready to pay me a fee and full fee at that? Why is it after over three months, you still can’t find that ‘perfect’ hire yourself who would kill to come on board for your great opportunity? … Read More »

Being Effective

Recruiting and what makes a good recruiter. A subject close to my heart; it’s one I’ve thought about a lot. There’s been much written on the subject, everything from sales strategies, playing the numbers game and the inevitable “why I love recruiting” blogs, essays and contests. In my mind, what’s  more important to my clients and candidates alike is ‘what makes an effective recruiter’? In a business measured by placements, billings & job orders, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer points of what truly makes a good recruiter great. One of the first things I remember my icon and mentor, Richie Harris telling me, was that ‘This is a people business and people are unpredictable.” This was over twenty-five … Read More »