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Belated New Year’s greetings faithful and new readers! The last few quarters saw incredible growth in the sectors I support, culminating in another great year. I had the pleasure of a little year end travel to prepare me for the onslaught of the coming months ahead. I anticipate another fast paced period of growth and opportunity. I’m rested and ready to roll! Going forward, it would be nice to see more resolve regarding ethical behavior this year. I’d also like to see more courtesy, thoughtfulness and regards to people’s roles in other people’s lives. As a recruiter, we are often on the receiving end of bad behavior. Part of it is the industry’s fault, i.e. being perceived as money grubbing … Read More »

Being Effective

Recruiting and what makes a good recruiter. A subject close to my heart; it’s one I’ve thought about a lot. There’s been much written on the subject, everything from sales strategies, playing the numbers game and the inevitable “why I love recruiting” blogs, essays and contests. In my mind, what’s  more important to my clients and candidates alike is ‘what makes an effective recruiter’? In a business measured by placements, billings & job orders, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer points of what truly makes a good recruiter great. One of the first things I remember my icon and mentor, Richie Harris telling me, was that ‘This is a people business and people are unpredictable.” This was over twenty-five … Read More »

Don’t Hang Up – I’m looking for YOU

    Okay – I know, as soon as you hear another recruiter on your voicemail, you’re hitting the delete button before the message plays through. But wait, that call might not be a sales pitch to you, but for you. After all, the economy is shifting; there’s a steady stream of opportunities out there and it my just might make sense to start listening to how the coming wave may affect you. Not looking you say, happy in your current role? Well aren’t you the least bit curious about who is hiring, what they’re offering or if you’re a good fit? And why not? When opportunity knocks, it’s always a good idea to listen, especially if it’s with a recruiter you trust or … Read More »