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Surveys, Salaries and Reality

Surveys, Salaries and Reality As a particular sector of a job market heats up, compensation becomes a key component for company’s to remain competitive. I am going to preface this blog by stating that this is an opinion piece, based more on experience and observation, than extensive analytical research. In the last few recovery cycles, one of the recurring themes for clients replacing, upgrading or hiring new roles is compensation. How much should we pay, what are like companies compensating in our size and sector? How do we remain competitive? What types of incentives do our competitors offer, etc. Many of my clients rely on salary surveys and comp firms for their data. They often pay substantial fees for the … Read More »


There are plenty of attributes that not only make a headhunter great, but as importantly, effective. When potential and current clients ask me to define what makes me different from others in my space, I can speak to a variety of different qualifiers, including years of experience, credibility and maybe even a little notoriety.  But if there is one word that I think defines the way I approach my craft,  this would be selectivity. In a relationship business, who you select to do business with and represent can either elevate you or bury you in mediocrity.  Selectivity is at the base of every decision, from jobs that I accept to candidates I represent. In the competitive world of recruiting, the … Read More »

The Big Three

I had a great conversation with my mentor, Richie Harris, the other day. I blame Richie entirely for my success and tenacity as an Executive Recruiter these past 25 years. Now retired, Richie was a Recruiting Maverick in his time. Often profane, always unique, he was a star player on the sales and marketing search front. He still speaks at industry functions occasionally and his principles still apply. During our wide ranging chat, he asked me if I remembered the three ‘must haves’ of assessing, building and maintaining any relationship. Markedly, he applies these same beliefs towards his business and personal relationships. He reiterated these three guidelines once again – I am always a student when it comes to improving … Read More »

The tipping point for talent

So you still think it’s an employer’s market? Unemployment numbers notwithstanding, how long is it taking you Mr. Employer to fill that Controller role? I heard it again today, an employer who thinks the job market is ‘crap’, there are loads of ‘qualified’ people on the market and they will be ‘dying’ to take their job. Now it’s not my place to argue with paying clients (hence my blog), but seriously, are you kidding me? If that really is the case, then why are you ready to pay me a fee and full fee at that? Why is it after over three months, you still can’t find that ‘perfect’ hire yourself who would kill to come on board for your great opportunity? … Read More »

Counter Offer Candidate

They’re back! Counter offers have made a recovery along with the demand for talent.  Always a possibility, they are now a probability when a quality/qualified employees gets a new job offer. I’m not going to re-hash all the reasons not to take a counter offer. We’ve all heard/read them a thousand times throughout our careers. I’ve certainly counseled on the dangers, etc. with practically every candidate (and client) I’ve ever represented. Here I’d like to focus on why and who accepts counter offers. Quite frankly, I can usually predict who’s vulnerable to them and exactly what they’re going to do through the resignation process when the time comes. Of course it’s more likely that a candidate who is generally happy … Read More »

Being Effective

Recruiting and what makes a good recruiter. A subject close to my heart; it’s one I’ve thought about a lot. There’s been much written on the subject, everything from sales strategies, playing the numbers game and the inevitable “why I love recruiting” blogs, essays and contests. In my mind, what’s  more important to my clients and candidates alike is ‘what makes an effective recruiter’? In a business measured by placements, billings & job orders, it’s easy to overlook some of the finer points of what truly makes a good recruiter great. One of the first things I remember my icon and mentor, Richie Harris telling me, was that ‘This is a people business and people are unpredictable.” This was over twenty-five … Read More »

Don’t Hang Up – I’m looking for YOU

    Okay – I know, as soon as you hear another recruiter on your voicemail, you’re hitting the delete button before the message plays through. But wait, that call might not be a sales pitch to you, but for you. After all, the economy is shifting; there’s a steady stream of opportunities out there and it my just might make sense to start listening to how the coming wave may affect you. Not looking you say, happy in your current role? Well aren’t you the least bit curious about who is hiring, what they’re offering or if you’re a good fit? And why not? When opportunity knocks, it’s always a good idea to listen, especially if it’s with a recruiter you trust or … Read More »

The Dating Game

For years I have equated the recruiting and interview/hiring process to dating and marriage. My analogies usually result in a chuckle on the other end of the line, but not surprisingly the comparisons resonate. Let’s face it, recruiting is like finding the best match on a dating site. Screening, sizing up, introductions, coffee/lunch, chemistry and the crucial moment during the conversation where you say, I want to go the next step with this one! First interviews with a prospective employer are akin to first dates. Preparation, looking your best (which suit? new hair cut? practicing the smile in front of the mirror maybe?), meeting the individual you might spend the next few years or a lifetime with, etc. All the while … Read More »